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Charles R Johnson

Wednesday July 4, 2012
Calf Pond

Web Notes

I've been making music most of my life. . . I've finally decided to offer my work to the public

My first album "Pure Country" is now available at my own *WebSite* or at CDBaby, you can also get it at , itunes, etc. . . You can also listen to full streams on Spotify etc. . .

If you'd like to read the liner notes of the "Pure Country" album just click here

Making this album took years of writing, singing, practicing, learning the art of multi-track engineering, mixing etc. . . I didn't realize the real work would begin when I released the album to the world.

I co-wrote a set of content management computer systems to manage the album sales on my own site. Nonetheless, I needed to enlist the services of a distributor, CDBaby, who could also manage sales through Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and various other sources.

Even so, I've got so much work to do with promotion, and getting the word out that it's purely ridiculous. So, spread the word if you like my work. . . I need the help.

Below are Concert Videos featuring a couple of songs on the Album, a link to my Preview/Sales area, and a button to send me Email.

If you are interested in the music, and are unable or unwilling to spend money for it, please contact me and I will be pleased to provide you with a complementary copy. . . After all, I made this music to be heard, not to sit on a shelf somewhere.

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King of Beers Video (Youtube)
Live concertKing of Beers Video (Youtube)Florida Theatre
Love Turns Bad Video (YouTube)
Live concertLove Turns Bad (Youtube Video)Florida Theatre
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